Monday, January 11, 2010

repost : Potipot

At last, we finally got around to doing this after almost a year together, eh? We've had 2nd thoughts.. and thirds.. and fourths. Should we go for a scrap book? -- fill it with sparkly things and oversized pictures framed with pink ribbons? Or, God forbid, an e-book with formal and grammatically correct English writing + downloadable powerpoint presentations? or something with audio perhaps? I still vote for the full blown movie. Awesome.. :)

Blogspot. Now our adventures finally have a home. In cyberspace. At least, it won't accumulate dust in our apartment and we won't have to lug it around. I just hope this home won't crash and lest lose all our data foreverrrrr.. (Better set a monthly back up for this then)

So.. Potipot was March of 2009.

How did we get there? We took a bus (Victory Liner-Cubao) to Iba for more or less P320 before hopping on another bus heading to Candelaria. The bus to Candelaria costs P86. The trip took 7 hours! You don't have to worry about food though. Pinoys have food stands every 5 centimeters. If there's one race that is afraid to starve to death, it would be Filipinos. Unless you are picky about the food, there's no need to worry. Or you could just stock up on your favorite snack.

We got to Trinidad Bay Resort at around 5 pm. At around 6:30 we left Alta Nina resort, got on a banca going to Potipot Island. The banca costs more than P1k (but not more than P1.5k) for the round trip.

(rocks -- at the tip of the island. don't worry. the rest of the island is pretty much accident-free)

You have the option to stay on the island overnight for just P100. We have a perfectly good hotel but we opted to stay there so that we'll have first dibs on the beach. You are allowed to pitch your tents there.

There were comfort rooms and mini stores that sell ice cold beverages. We just didn't see them until we left - mostly because our only source of light at night was a couple of flashlights. So bring lamps! And some coal to cook your food with. Personally, I would have preferred to buy some fast food so that I won't stress myself with grilling and stuff. We grilled our food and ended up burning them (no lights = goodbye decent dinner).

Going home, we just waited for the bus for Iba on their highway. You can just ask around. They only have one main road and one bus station.

The entire trip cost us less than P2,000. Nice.

Oh Yeah!

Let me just say---WELCOME! Come join us on our adventures as we discover the world (and it's beauty & not so much beauty) one day at a time.

Buckle up! Enjoy the ride.:)