Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kooky & Luscious

Rain means Hot Choco!! Rainy day comfort drink :)

My philosophy is that if you're going to ruin your diet, you might as well go for the best tasting thing you can get your filthy hands on.

Kooky & Luscious hot choco is just oohhhhhmmmaahhh inducing. Its like drinking a bar of belgian chocolate.
At 85php.. Pricy but its cheaper than the one in Starbucks. Jollibee hot choco is also pretty good but if you want a real treat, go for kooky!!

Another reason for the hot choco win???

Yes. Instant fondue.
(Roy is too happy, me thinks.)

Located at 6780 Ayala ave (beside mcdo) and at 4th floor Medical City (doctor's lounge - hinohoard ng mga doctor!)

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