Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet tooth

I've been craving sugar highs lately. I finished a bag of Goldilocks polvoron a few minutes ago. There were bits of cashew nuts in it so it has to be healthy, right?

Last night, we met up with some Cebu blogger friends at The Borough (Podium Ortigas - behind Megamall) to feast and make chika.

I've been eyeing 'The Elvis' for some time now but I never got to order it since 'The Ipac' doesn't like bananas. Since we were there just for desserts, I ordered our regular Milk and Cookies for her + The Elvis for me. You should also try their Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup. Yum!

Deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich + dulce de leche + sour cream (190php)

Milk and Cookies 12pcs (220php)

The Elvis is the epitome of 'Wagas na Wagas'. Words can't describe the moment it touched my mouth. I just want to inhale it and die. Death by sandwich.

My other favorite is their home made fries. Gersh is in love with his fries. He seems to moan every time he bites into it.. Mm.. Juicy soggy yummy gaaaahhh

I love you mwah mwah nom nom nom (80php)

I don't usually get peer pressured. But I let them pressure me into drinking this one time. It's a screaming orgasm! I thought I'd be screaming after I drink this but nothing happened. My blood sugar just upped by 30%. It felt like I was drinking cream. Really sweet cream. Not what I was looking for.
Screaming orgasm (140php)

Another thing NOT to order here (if you don't like sour buns) is their BBQ Pulled Pork. I don't have a picture but it's soggy and there's too much vinegar for me. Bleech.

Overall, I love how varied their food choices are. It's actually worth the price (at least for the desserts :p ... I'm biased.)

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