Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tea adventures

I'm fond of teas. I like drinking it and checking out the different kinds.

My current favorite is Jipin Tieguanyin. Jipin means 'ultimate' or 'supreme'. Tieguanyin means weed.

No. Not really. It does not seem farfetched though since I'm currently addicted to it. My drug pusher (the ass of an officemate who gave me 4 teeny weeny packets of tea) says its 'The Champagne of Teas'. I'm gonna have to agree with him since most teabags now tastes like horse pee by comparison. It smells like flowers. I could just smell it the whole day. And it has a sweet aftertaste. Yum.

The weed

Half goes a longgg way. 2 brews is ok for me.

It fills the entire tea steeping ball. Garden in my ball.

The tea is a pasalubong whenever his relatives visit from China so when I run out, I go through several days of hating his gutts.

Then I get over it and drink the 2nd best light tea which is the Lipton white tea. Its also pretty good with a sweeter taste than green tea but without the really fragrant aroma.

I recently found a White Peony tea in the Enterprise Bldg Makati. I'll try it out when I feel like splurging. It costs 200php per 5 cups. Can someone buy me a bag for christmas?? I promise to worship you everyday until the supply lasts.


  1. Mich!!! I miss you! check out mo yung Riston na brand, available only at shopwise. It's an earl grey with bergamot.


  2. Ohhh cge will check it out soon. Miss u na din. Ok ka nmn jan? :)

  3. this is nice :)

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