Sunday, December 11, 2011

Swagat - A Taste of India

I think India is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. Despite the sexist horror stories I've heard, I'd still like to go there someday (if only the Great Pax of the Fashion World would come with me - it might take 5 more years of bribery before she actually sets foot there).

Anyway, I love spicy Indian food so I decided to treat myself for lunch. December is my cheat month so I have the excuse to eat as much as I like. That means "Swagat" time! There are a few posh Indian restaurants (with really really Indian chefs - seen them in action kc chismosa me) but this one is cheaper than most.

Simple outside

How authentic can you get? You get blasted by Manong's Angry Mustache + Indian MTV as soon as you set foot inside.

Inside decor

And here is what tickled my spicy fancy for today :

Shrimp Biryani (225php). I know it just looks yellow but the shrimp is out there somewhere. Believe in the power of camouflage.

Their long grain rice really tasty and really spicy. It's good for two but I eat for two most of the time. Actually, most of their biryanis are good for two. You have the option to order just the dish though and order rotis instead of rice.

Goat balls (70php). It sounds nasty but they're actually goat cheese. Tastes like really flaky leche flan. Not my number1 but also pretty good.

Rose Lassi (70php). This is a really pink drink. I can still taste the pinkness. Yummy.

They have a menu thicker than the Harry Potter series so I think you'll find something there that suits your taste. They even have vegetarian choices! I love it. Looking forward to the next lunch break! (You might want to buy mints though. Do I need to expound on this?)

Swagat is located along Rada Street, Makati. In front of Serenitea!

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