Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here we go! : Cambodia Arrival

Soooo.. Yay!
Airport shots.

I wasn't able to blog last night because The Ipac was stuck to computer again. Well, I do understand how attached she is to the damned thing. Anyway, lemme tell you about the details first
Airfare was 5,520php each by Cebu Pacific. Not bad actually. Considering it's usually at 6kphp one way. Their airport looks like a mini temple. Cute!

We're staying at Golden Mango Inn. I do like how cute and quaint it is. It doesn't hurt that it's cheap too! Check out their website. It's pretty detailed and it ranks number 4 on TripAdvisor!

What I don't like about it is that we have to go barefoot inside. I have a thing against it. I can eat fried crickets and other weird stuff but I hate going barefoot. My skin just crawls. I dunno why. I had to hold my pee for 30 minutes while they sorted out the paperwork because I didn't want to go barefoot in their common bathroom. I'd rather drown in my own pee and die of kidney failure. Of course I couldn't tell them that so I just sucked it up and tiptoed everywhere.

Our room was pretty good though. Very spacious huh! Plus I got a hold of my slippers so its back to being a happy camper/tourist.

Anyway, we got hungry and decided to explore the world outside. I don't think they've ever seen a lesbo before because the guys at the next table kept staring at me. Heh. Bleh.

I'm waiting for The Ipac to wake up. I want her to have enough rest. I don't want to have to carry her if she faints. And then we're off to do touristy stuff.
Let's see how our first day in Cambodia goes. So far, the morning has been a delight and a bit painful (for me). A grasshopper decided it was fun to poke me in the eye at 8 in the morning.

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