Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soya Bar

I can't stop shivering. Oh God. Help me.

It was another of Aisa's events so I decided to stay some place and read my books. I was looking for a place to hangout in at SM North, The Block. I checked out Soya Bar's menu and was immediately attracted to their green tea cheese mousse and rock salt product. Everybody has this on their menu these days.

 Green tea shit. 70php

So I took out my phone (Ebooks. No more bulky books. But, sometimes, I do miss the smell of new books.). Appreciated the view of my chosen seat. And settled in for a pretty good afternoon in another place created by the author's imagination.

It looked okay. I took a tentative sip. And shivered. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. Seriously.
I tried my best to drink at least half (kc sayang ang pera ko dibaaa) but I can't. I just can't. I couldn't touch it again. My skin crawls at the thought of it touching my lips. No. NO! Not even with someone pointing a gun at my head. It is a fate worse than death. Mixing green tea and soya milk should be punishable by law. It's a crime against humanity and my taste buds.

I'm sure their 'taho' products are pretty good. The kids there seemed to like it. They even demanded for seconds!

But please. Do not order this one. Ever. Unless you like to be tortured.

So, I crawled to Sugarhouse while having my twitch fest. Epileptic seizures. I had to eat 6 yema balls to stop twitching.

These on the other hand were lifesavers. Over priced at 15 each (130 for 8pcs) but a lifesaver.

*twitch twitch shiver shiver   o_O

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