Monday, November 26, 2012


I don't know why it's called Torch, by the way. I never asked and maybe I should have because it has become my number one go-to place for awesome steaks.

Before everything else, has your mother ever told you that in order to gauge the overall cleanliness of a house/resto/whatever, just look at their comfort room?
Well.. Let me just say.. Torch is squeaky clean. What I loved about Torch is that they have this 'bitch fit button' that you can press and it will magically clean the bathroom.
Oh noes! There's a drop of water on the sink.
Commencing...... the Bitch Fit.
Drop is now gone.
Clap clap.

WARNING!! Drool inducing visuals up ahead.

 My very pink drink. Pink lemonade!!

 Potato shoestrings. Yummy paired with the soup!

 The soup! Mushroom and probably something else soup.

 They are also vegetarian friendly. See that smile on Anagon's face? Yeah. Just happy with her green green grass of home pizza.

 Shrimp pizza

 Steak pizza which you put veggies on and roll like Dear Darla.

Salmon and cream cheese

 Shrimp and scallops and mounds of cheese

 With blogger table mates!

Meltic Steak Fondue. Ohhh myyy God. Where do I even begin? I barely chewed the thing. It was love at first chew (and ONLY chew apparently).

 Just freakin' tasty Pork Medallions. It's wrapped in bacon and put on a stone hot plate. I almost cried.

 Torch kitchen

 I dunno what this is called but I asked St. Peter what killed me and sent me to heaven. He gave me this picture. It is a layer of brazo de mercedes on top, yema and ice cream. Then there's this creamy mousse with fruits.

Well the story was.. Marge (really pretty girl) asked Aisa (my pretty girl) to bring me to that food event (technically not a plus one here anymore. ahem.) Sat with awesome people. Ate a few pounds of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Proceeded to Nick Automatic anniversary to support our good friend Niche. Got a free shirt from Niche. Went home floating in good vibes. Great food + Awesome company often does that to people.
Finished the night off with beer, Tanduay light and some good music. Chill people!

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