Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh sweet sweet Thai Bistro

I have never met another person more attracted to Thai cuisine than the Sanga. If 'Thai cuisine' were human, I think they would actually already have been married with little thai's running around.

When Thai Bistro opened at Robinsons Magnolia, naturally Aisa had to drag me there. The first time we ate there, we spent 2,500php and filled 2 tables with food. Yeah. Kami lang dalawa. It feels like a mini fiesta whenever I dine with her.

Here's what we ate the second time around,
Tom Yum Kung 145php
If you love your life and would like to keep on living, you will not order the spicy option. Go for the mild one. Please. Just trust me on this. I love spicy foods but I almost exhaled my tonsils. Very YUMmy though :)

 Mieng Kham 180php
This is the traditional thai appetizer. Everybody should try this out. Did you know that the leaves are grown by the owner herself? These leaves are native to Thailand and she had to cultivate them here.

Kha 260php Caramelized fish fillet in ginger chili sauce
This is Aisa's favorite fish dish. Normally, I couldn't get her to finish her food. I always had to negotiate with her but there's no need for force this time around.

 Kaffir garlic rice 180php
I really like their rice options. Kahit walang ulam, pwede na nga e. Very malasa huh.

See? Simot sarap!! Such a matakaw person :)

After dinner, shempre we would never miss eating icecream from that Magnolia place. It was a trip down Aisa's memory lane. Her grandfather used to bring them here and treat them to Peach Melba.
See that smile? I love that smile.

Over all, Robinsons Magnolia is a nice date place. You guys should check out what they have to offer. We will definitely be coming back more often.

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